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For young children to truly thrive, we must begin to think about their social and emotional health as part of their overall wellness.  While it’s important that children have healthy bodies on the outside, it’s also important that children feel good in their bodies on the inside.  Self-esteem-a positive feeling about who we are and how we look- develops by the time children reach kindergarten.  Having a positive sense of self also helps children build healthy relationships with others.  Adverse childhood experiences (ACES)-negative events that happen during early childhood- have a huge impact on a child’s emotions, relationships, and even their physical development.  In Cuyahoga County, we have many excellent programs to identify and treat children with ACES and other social and emotional needs.  Unfortunately, it can be challenging to create environments that prevent ACES and promote positive social emotional discovery for all children.  Issues like poverty, violence, and abuse are common in our communities.  These issues are sometimes difficult to identify when community stressors and economic instability leave little support for adult caregivers.

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