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Early childhood wellness begins at home.  Young children learn how to take care of themselves by watching the adults in their lives them take care of themselves.  Parents who live healthy, active lives are more likely to pass these values on to their children.  Additionally, parents and caregivers are the decision-makers for what foods are purchased and how they are prepared.  When families and child care providers both value wellness, young children are surrounded by environments that encourage them to thrive. For parents to be successful in creating this “culture of wellness” for their children, their communities must have the resources needed to achieve optimal health. In Cuyahoga County, many parents have hectic schedule that force them to choose between providing for their child and interacting with their child.  Financial responsibilities, lack of transportation, and poor support networks often makes the healthy choice a difficult choice for many families.

Our Goal: Young children in Cuyahoga County …

Strategies for change: The table below …

Key Messages handouts:

Growing Great Tasters!

Take Time For Meals!

Good Rest Is Best!


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